Viva Open Mall Viva Open Mall


  • client

    PHORBIS Empreendimentos Imobiliários
  • project

    Viva Open Mall
  • year

  • location

    Porto Alegre / RS / Brazil
  • architecture

    Ronaldo Rezende Arquitetura
  • photography

    Marcelo Donadussi
  • description

    Viva Open Mall brings a new concept to Porto Alegre: an outdoor mall that breaks with the traditional shopping center format. It prioritizes services, convenience, leisure and dining in an open and pleasant space.

    Following the Open Mall’s design concept, the Wayfinding Design depends upon an open format as well. Totems and signs are supported on revealed structures, giving them an air of spontaneity and freedom.

    To match this irreverence, wayfinding information is accompanied by a family of light pictograms full of movement. These are set into a variety of background patterns which are based directly on the geometry of the mall’s logo.