Al Mare Al Mare
Al Mare Al Mare
Al Mare Al Mare
Al Mare Al Mare


  • client

    CFL Construções
  • project

    Al Mare
  • year

  • location

    Florianópolis / SC / Brazil
  • architecture

    Heloisa Bocorny Arquitetas Associadas
  • interior design

    HB Interiores
  • photography

    Marcelo Donadussi
  • description

    Al Mare – Terraced mansions designed for those seeking tranquility and contact with nature, but without foregoing a desirable address. The development is located just steps from Jurerê International, a beach known for its landscape and luxurious buildings.

    The architecture emphasizes materials such as stone and glass, with open space that offers breathtaking views. Four parking spaces per unit, exclusive access to the beach and infinity pools the color of the sea on each terrace are just some of the reasons that this place connotes privilege.

    With colors inspired by the beach, the Wayfinding Design integrates itself with the architecture using granite and translucent materials. The unique combination of customized pictograms and broad reversed type mirrors the ambiance, reflecting distinction and liberty.