Germano, 70 Germano, 70
Germano, 70 Germano, 70
Germano, 70 Germano, 70
Germano, 70 Germano, 70
Germano, 70 Germano, 70


  • project

    Germano, 70
  • year

  • location

    Porto Alegre / RS / Brazil
  • architecture

    PGBA – Pedro Gabriel e Bonini Arquitetura
  • interior design

    Zeca Amaral Arquitetura
  • photography

    Alcindo Dedavid
  • description

    With a wide variety of projects in the Porto Alegre market, Kopstein develops properties of exquisite quality for the high-end market.

    Germano, 70, in Porto Alegre offers spaciousness and luminosity in planned environments that emphasize living well. With apartments of 230 square meters, every space in this development was carefully designed to resist the passage of time by using clean rectilinear forms and careful attention to detail that offer comfort and harmony as well.

    To complement the sober geometry, white and black were selected for the wayfinding project using short horizontal and vertical lines to graphically organize information. Bold fonts and boxy pictograms are applied directly to the architectural surfaces without support, thus emphasizing the purity of the architectural materials.

    Graphics with black vertical lines and progressive spacing is used within the glass frames of leisure areas to indicate opening doors, and also in the parking garage to give it movement and dynamism. On both floors here, white is the protagonist and grey is used in support of the movement implied by the graphics.