LaTorre LaTorre
LaTorre LaTorre
LaTorre LaTorre
LaTorre LaTorre


  • client

    Galmo Engenharia e Construções
  • project

  • year

  • location

    Londrina / PR / Brazil
  • architecture

    Larissa Galindo Arquitetura
  • photography

    Gabriel Teixeira
  • description

    LaTorre is a high-end residential development that employs timeless architectural language and neo-classic details with strong lines and robust finishes. Located in the prosperous neighborhood of Bela Suíça in the city of Londrina, LaTorre provides its residents with a harmonious experience by prioritizing aesthetics.

    The wayfinding strategy unifies disparate information through expressive lines and strong geometries that reinforce the architecture’s expression. Each graphic element was fully iterated to achieve a coherent family that relates information to elements and creates rhythm and unity in the wayfinding system. In the below-ground levels, these graphic lines also link the various color schemes to create a pleasant and elegant atmosphere.

    A unique typography was crafted with a weighted uppercase that lends precision and sobriety to the signage. The pictograms hint at sophistication in their vertical and open design which is rooted in geometric typography and linear graphics.

    Gloss black and metallic champagne on a neutral field reflect the development’s sober and formal tone. Chiefly composed of acrylics, the materials explore the contrast between glossy and matte finishes among the various system elements.