HUB Canoas HUB Canoas
HUB Canoas HUB Canoas


  • client

    Hospital Moinhos de Vento
  • project

    HUB Canoas
  • year

  • location

    Canoas / RS / Brazil
  • architecture

    BUILT Arquitetura and Lucia Lisboa Arquitetura Médico-Hospitalar
  • photography

    Leonardo Lenskij
  • description

    HUB Canoas, a unit of Moinhos de Vento Hospital, covers an area of 760m2 and offers specialties such as oncology, rheumatology and cardiology, medical consultations in several areas, diagnostic imaging, chemotherapy, vaccines, an infusion center, and audiometry. In tune with our changing habits, it is innovative, pioneering, and designed to streamline access to high-quality healthcare for the residents of greater Porto Alegre.

    The strategy used for the bilingual and accessible signage system connects it with the established Moinhos de Vento Hospital brand while translating these into high-contrast and highly legible elements. Alphabetic codes were used for the three different sectors, and special environments was developed for children’s areas together with the vaccination sector.