Pátio Eberle Pátio Eberle
Pátio Eberle Pátio Eberle
Pátio Eberle Pátio Eberle
Pátio Eberle Pátio Eberle


  • client

    CGI Investimentos
  • project

    Pátio Eberle
  • year

  • location

    Caxias do Sul / RS / Brazil
  • architecture

    Rossi Arquitetura e Urbanismo
  • photography

    Eduardo Mangoni / VLC Fotografia 360
  • description

    Pátio Eberle is a landmark of Art Deco architecture and one of the most historic buildings in downtown Caxias do Sul, Brazil. It was the first headquarters of Eberle Metallurgy, and though the complex was left unoccupied for several years, it has reopened to offer a mix of services to meet the needs of people from around the region.

    The Wayfinding strategy’s main objective is to encourage circulation throughout the complex and invite visitors to discover it. In addition to highlighting the location´s potential and versatility, the strategy also intends to revitalize and reframe the space as a whole. To this end, accesses were coded and maps were incorporated at decision points to help people to locate themselves quickly and intuitively.

    Combining industrial elements and geometric graphics inspired by the Art Deco style, directional signage with a metallic substrate was placed at the main transition points.

    In a special area called the Historic Walk, plaques arrayed with a unique rhythm and vibrant colors relate high points in the complex’s history and its contribution to the city’s development. Here, visitors are invited to pass the time at Pátio Eberle and enjoy its ambiance.