Univates Univates


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    Lajeado / RS / Brazil
  • photography

    Marcelo Donadussi
  • description

    In early 2016, Univates university began a process of implementing new campus signage. The old signs and totems scattered throughout the campus have since been removed and replaced.

    The problems presented by the environment were mainly due to the intense and rapid growth of the institution.  The design realized by /STUDIOMDA involved the participation of students in the university’s design department, and over a two-year process this dialog provided a profound understanding of the campus’s user needs.

    The design strategy divides the campus into four areas and employs maps at key points, indicating walking time to a given building. The buildings are fitted with backlit numbering for evening classes, and interior maps are posted outside the main entrances. Totems work in a modular fashion, making it easy to update information.