award for this project

Central Sicredi Sul / Sudeste

First award for Wayfinding Systems category

6º Design Award Bornancini (2016)

Porto Alegre / RS / Brazil

Central Sicredi Sul / Sudeste Central Sicredi Sul / Sudeste


  • client

  • project

    Central Sicredi Sul / Sudeste
  • location

    Porto Alegre / RS / Brazil
  • architecture

    D+A Arquitetura
  • interior design

  • photography

    Marcelo Donadussi
  • description

    Coop banking members who often visit the Central Sicredi Sul are now received with breathtaking views. The new headquarters is located next to Lake Guaíba in one of the most beautiful places in Porto Alegre.

    If nature provides a spectacular view, the interior inspires creativity. A stroll through the corridors is all it takes to encounter the striking and exquisite architecture and finishes designed by D+A Arquitetura under the direction of Architect Rodrigo Gamboa.

    The Wayfinding Design participates in this bold ambiance. Hallways gain momentum while decompression spaces and indoor events are prioritized according to the unique concepts behind each one. Featured at the reception area, a timeline that recounts the milestones of Central Sicredi Sul leaves open possibilities for future achievements.