Centro de Fertilidade Centro de Fertilidade
Centro de Fertilidade Centro de Fertilidade


  • client

    Hospital Moinhos de Vento
  • project

    Centro de Fertilidade
  • year

  • location

    Porto Alegre / RS / Brazil
  • architecture

    Freitas Pesenatto Arquitetura
  • photography

    Leonardo Lenskij / STUDIOMDA Brazil
  • description

    In 2018, Rio Grande do Sul froze more embryos than any other state in Brazil except for two. Demand also grew among same-sex couples, who represent 10% of the service’s clientele. With an investment of BR$5 million, Hospital Moinhos de Vento inaugurated its new Fertility Center in November 2019 in order to help people realize their dream of having a family.

    With more than 200 square meters, the Center has consultation rooms, surgical suite and laboratories, which together serve as an adjunct to Casa de Saúde for patients undergoing treatment for certain diseases such as cancer. It brings together renowned assisted reproduction professionals and the latest technology within an excellent medical care facility.

    In keeping with the futuristic, high-tech feel of the architecture, the wayfinding system strategy combines functionality and high-end materials in a complete integration with the Center´s concept of physical space. The design solution offers a counterpoint of textures and angles while using the same chromatic patterns and adding value to the services on offer.