award for this project

Colégio Farroupilha

Winner for Communication Design Category

DNA Paris Design Award 2021

Paris/ France

Colégio Farroupilha

Silver Medal in the Signage category

8th Lusophone Creativity Awards, 2nd Quadrimester

Lisbon, Portugal

Colégio Farroupilha

Bronze Medal for Signage System

10º Brazil Design Award 2020

Sao Paulo / SP / Brazil

Colégio Farroupilha Colégio Farroupilha


  • client

    Colégio Farroupilha
  • year

  • location

    Porto Alegre / RS / Brazil
  • architecture

    Escritório de Projetos Colégio Farroupilha and Santini e Rocha Arquitetos
  • photography

    André Bastian
  • description

    The Farroupilha School is one of the best and most traditional private schools in Porto Alegre. It was founded in 1886 by Deutscher Hilfsverein (the German Benevolent Society), an association created to help German immigrants and their descendants.

    For the Farroupilha School, environments designed for educational needs should foster learning. Taking into account the school’s constant renewal, we organized the circulation patterns of students and their families, visitors, teachers and employees, and accounted for the school’s location in the residential neighborhood of Três Figueiras where the traffic system is quite overloaded. Vehicle entrances and exits were given numerical identities while the buildings received alphabetic and chromatic codes to facilitate navigation. The formal solution contains playful circular shapes that generate surprising effects with their compositions. Maps are part of the system, allowing people to grasp the entire campus in an uncomplicated way. One of the challenges of this project was the mandate for trilingual signage in Portuguese, English and German.