award for this project

Hof van Busleyden

Winner for Communication Design Category

DNA Paris Design Award 2020

Paris/ France

Hof van Busleyden

First award for Wayfinding Systems category

7º Design Award Bornancini (2018)

Porto Alegre/ RS/ Brazil

Hof van Busleyden

Silver Medal for Signage System

9º Brazil Design Award 2019

Sao Paulo/ SP/ Brazil

Hof van Busleyden Hof van Busleyden
Hof van Busleyden Hof van Busleyden
Hof van Busleyden Hof van Busleyden


  • client

    Hof Van Busleyden
  • year

  • location

    Mechelen / Belgium
  • architecture

    dmvA Architecten and Hans Le Comte
  • photography

    STUDIOMDA Belgium
  • description

    After a long restoration process, the Museum Hof ​​van Busleyden opened its doors on June 17, 2018.

    The grand and beautiful renaissance palace in Mechelen, capital of the Burgundian Netherlands in Belgium, displays the historical artifacts of Hieronymus of Busleyden, Margaret of Austria, Erasmus and Thomas More. It offers an exchange of ideas and reflects on today’s changing world, just as this location did in the past.

    Transporting visitors back to the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, the museum allows us to experience the surprising history of Burgundy and to have direct contact with the treasures and stories of  Hof van Busleyden. Exhibits show us how Burgundians saw the city, how they dealt with power, and what mastery and craftsmanship meant to them. In this wide-ranging exhibit one can move from lively, busy areas to more quiet and intimate spaces.

    In this museum we can look back on the glorious history of the city and together look forward to the future.

    The wayfinding strategy organizes the visitor’s route to the permanent exhibition. It is distributed into codified zones by using the logic of subway lines and by maintaining awareness of visitor’s next steps and their safe to return to the starting point.
    The signage system operates in transitional spaces and leaves the exhibition rooms free from interference. At the entrance of each area along the route, large custom panels with patterns referring to the most relevant works on display point the way forward.
    On the exterior, the system offers thoughtful solutions which respect the imposing historical significance of the building and its gardens.

    Winner of a Special Commendation
    EMYA ( European Museum of the Year Awards) 2020