Pediatric Emergency Pediatric Emergency
Pediatric Emergency Pediatric Emergency


  • client

    Hospital Moinhos de Vento
  • project

    Pediatric Emergency
  • year

  • location

    Porto Alegre / RS / Brazil
  • architecture

    Cassiano Arquitetos Associados
  • photography

    Leonardo Lenskij
  • description

    The new Pediatric Emergency Unit at Hospital Moinhos de Vento in Porto Alegre, Brazil, was designed to interact playfully with its small users. The environmental graphic design and wayfinding concept by /STUDIOMDA is lighthearted and, at the same time, brings seriousness to the communication of spaces and the general flow. This assists in the care of the young patients, while it also makes the place more friendly by identifying it with the characters of the Moinhos Group – a trio of comic characters designed just for this pediatric unit. Due to the complexity of the hospital environment and also the need to reconfigure the spaces over time, the signage system was strategically designed using modular elements that allow flexibility and ease of change.